Students are burdened with a huge amount of stress all the time -

They have to deal with multiple homework, assignments, extra-curricular activities, and whatnot. Students find themselves a lot in stress and frustration when they have to give long hours doing a research paper.

On top of that, they’re thinking about the other minor assignments due where they’re required to find information, pictures, create tables or charts and the list goes on. At CATS, we are here to ease the load off students at very reasonable and affordable costs. Students no longer have to stress over the minor assignments, we will handle them.


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Satisfaction Guaranteed

We guarantee a 98% satisfaction level after you avail our services in terms of quality of work,
turn-around time, and extensive support from our staff.


Students seek these services because their assignment needs to be submitted within a time-frame. Hence, we ensure every assignment is completed on time.


We know students don’t have a stable income and hence our prices are arranged to suit them. We also offer multiple discounts for students that run from time to time.

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Student Assistance Process;

These steps might vary slightly depending on the type of assignment and/or country.
  • Submit Your Assignment

    Submit your assignment to any member of our staff in person, via email or via Whatsapp.

  • Provide Specific Details

    The client is required to provide further details regarding the assignment. These details include duration, formatting/structure, and the list goes on.

  • Get Cost for Completion

    After a staff member has accessed the assignment, the client will be provided with a total cost for completion. The client could either pay the full cost or make a deposit of at least 50%.

  • Work of Assignment

    Once payment and details are finalized and settled, a staff member will immediately begin to work on the assignment and ensure that it is completed by the due date.

  • Receive Your Assignment

    The client will receive a first draft of the completed assignment.  A staff member will make adjustments if necessary. Once the client is satisfied, they’ll receive their assignment. Of course, if they have any outstanding fees, these will have to be paid before.

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