Laminated 2 Pocket Folder

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► Laminated Emraw Polka Dot & Stripe 2 Pocket Folder provides a simple and lightweight means of organizing your papers and helps you easily present, store and access frequently referenced documents and is perfect for extended use at school , work and home while giving you a professional look and feel.

► Specifications: Portfolio folder dimensions are Height: 11 ” – Width: 9 ” (when closed). Pocket Height: 4 ”

► QUALITY: The wallet sleeves are sturdy and protect the sheets and pages inside and will last a long time – The three-pin closures and the 2 pockets hold the pages securely in place while being kept open when in use.

► Design: The wide wallet panels will completely cover papers and sheet protectors and help keep everything conveniently organized while the clamps keep the pages secure.

► Uses: used to organize projects, presentations, class notes, employee manuals, keep all your writing / sketches in one place, also perfect for color coding and keeping reports, tax returns, manuals, etc. and it is ideal for teachers to have all class papers and tests in one place.

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