Rely On Our Business Support Services To Gain Better Focus On Core Tasks & Avoid Strict Budgeting;

Within minimal pay get all the additional, repetitive, and tiresome tasks done by our agents.

We provide hassle-free, on-demand services from business plan creation to electronic document management, so you are free to fully focus on your business. Whatever your needs are, we’ve got you covered. Our solutions are customized to your needs because every business is unique.

Administrative Support

Business Registration, Typing/Editing, Binding, Laminating, Scanning & Emailing, Printing & Document Preparation.

Basic Bookkeeping

Electronic Document Management, Electronic Record Keeping, Tax Return Form Filling, Social Security Form Filling & E-fling.

Graphic Design

Logo, Business Card, Letterhead, Brochure, Flyer, Poster, Banner/Signage, Product Label, Menu, Advertisement & much more.

Web Design

For more information on our Web Design & Management services, visit our
Web Design Services Page.

Virtual Support

Content Creation, Social Media Management, Email Management, Calendar Management, Blog Management & Project Management

Messenger Services

Bill Payments, Pick Up, Delivery, Bank Errands, Post Office Errands, Other Business Errands, and much more.

How Can Our Support Services Help?


We can drive business growth by providing any kind of business support assistance.

Solid Team

You get access to a pool of agents who have got solid work experience so no task is left out.

Save Money

We decrease your operational cost by taking away all the business support tasks from your plate.

Ease Your Burden

Your workload is reduced when we perform all the primary repetitive tasks for your business.

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Business Support Services Process;

Reminder; our business support services are currently offered ONLY to clients residing in the Commonwealth of Dominica. If you are interested and reside outside of the Commonwealth of Dominica, check out our Virtual Support Services.
  • 1. Book A Consultation

    Fill out the form below to schedule an In-person Meeting OR book a consultation for a
    Virtual Discovery Call.

  • 2. a) Choose A Package

    The agent will introduce you to the packages we already have set up. You could choose any one of these as long as it is suitable to your needs.

  • 2. b) Request A Specific Package

    If there isn’t a package that seems suitable to you, the agent can create one specific to your needs. You simply state your requirements and give the ‘okay’.

  • 3. Discussion

    You along with the agent will further discuss your needs, thoroughly go through the terms of our contract, and inform you more
    about our business policies.

  • 4. Sign Contract

    Once everything has been discussed and you have understood the terms of the contract, you seal the deal confirming that you are 100%
    willing to work with us.

  • 5. Payment

    You pay the fee for the respective package chosen or created. After the meeting or discovery call, the agent shall be given 1-2 business days to get everything in order, THEN your work will begin.

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