Running a business is not only about having a great product/service and certain amount of capital;

It also requires certain permits and licenses from several government agencies.

We understand that new business owners are busy with management and operation. Registering your business can require a considerable amount of time and effort. We are experienced in this task which is why we offer our assistance in acquiring business permits and licenses.




When you register your business, the company is seen as a legal entity under the eyes of the law. This will make it easier to handle everything that comes afterward such as dealing with the government and other businesses. And the most obvious benefit of this is being legal and thus complying with the laws of the nation.


Dealing with bigger companies

Companies that have considerable assets obviously have a lot of interests thus all of them require receipts of registration to deal with another company. Having a registered business leads to more lucrative deals just by dealing with companies that are more well-known or better connected.


Government Assistance & Financial Loans

Dealing with the government is a necessity for businesses to flourish. Taxes are an inevitable part of living in a society and it is no different from companies. If the time comes for a business to ask for government assistance or loans from banks, non-registered entities will automatically be denied requests.


Time Efficient

We aim to provide you with the quickest service you could receive all the while ensuring the high quality we pride ourselves in. At CATS, we set high goals and strict deadlines for ourselves to provide your business registration needs.

High-Skilled Team

Our team guides you through the entire process of the registration. From initial contact to the end of the process, we guide you providing you with all the information needed to make informed decisions along the way.

Value for Money

We guarantee that you get your money’s worth with our services. We pride ourselves in doing everything right the first time and subsequently save you money. Transparency in our services is always a priority.

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Business Registration Packages

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Add-on Business Support Services

  • Business Plan Creation (ask for availability)
  • Business Signage or Banner Design
  • Facebook Page Creation & Maintenance
  • Business Advertising on our Facebook Page & Website (billed monthly)
  • Website Design & Maintenance
  • Email Management
  • Electronic Bookkeeping (ask for availability)
  • Appointment & Scheduling

DISCLAIMER: The add-on services listed above can be added to any of the two packages. Hence, the prices will increase if any add-on service is required.

Clients are advised to contact us using the form below BEFORE proceeding with the ordering of any package IF they require an add-on service (s).

In doing so, an agent will reach out to you with the final cost and your next steps.

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Business Registration Services Offered;

The services mentioned below are offered ONLY to clients in the Commonwealth of Dominica.
  • BN Individual

    aka Business Name Registration by Individual. This service applies to clients seeking to register their business as a sole proprietor.

  • BN Firm

    aka Business Name Registration by Firm. This service applies to clients seeking to register their business in a partnership or with more than 1 proprietor.

  • Annual Returns

    aka Annual Returns for Business Name. This service applies to clients who have a business registered for at least 1 year. It’s mandatory every year from the registered date.

  • Annual Fees

    aka Annual Fees for Business Name. This service applies to businesses registered for at least 1 year.  This service is required to be filed along with the annual return every year.

  • SOC by Individual

    aka Statement of Any Change in Particulars Registered by Individual. This service applies to sole-proprietor businesses that require ANY change in particulars. Eg: name, owner, etc.

  • SOC by Firm

    aka Statement of Any Change in Particulars Registered by Firm. This service applies to partnership businesses that require ANY change in particulars. Eg: owner, activities, etc.

What Are The Required Documents for Business Registration?

  • Identification Cards of Proprietor(s)
  • Business Name & Other Details;
    — Activities, Address, Telephone, Email Address —
  • Personal details of Proprietor(s);
    — Address, Phone Number, Email Address —

What Are The Required Documents for Annual Returns & Fees?

  • Account Information;
    — Login Credentials for —
  • Business Registration Details;
    — Business Name, Business Number —
  • Breakdown of Assets & Liabilities for Each Return Year;
    — Eg: 2019 – Utilities – $10,000.00 —

Are All Registration Document Submitted Online?

YES & NO. How?

The process of registering a business, filing for annual return and fees, and amending business particulars is completed by a staff member online. However, the client will receive the appropriate documents in 2 printed copies.

The client will then deliver these documents in-person to the Companies and Intellectual Properties Office and move forward form there.

Does the Service Cost Cover All Registration Expenses?


Our service fee is ONLY for our assistance granted to the client in whichever process they require. Once they have the printed copies of their registered document or annual return, they’ll deliver and pay the registration or other fees to the Companies & Intellectual Properties Office.

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