We shop for you. If you have trouble ordering online, or just simply not tech-savvy, we can shop on your behalf.

We are able to purchase any legal product from various online retailers we trust. You’ll simply pay us and we’ll purchase what you need.

Is this your first time requesting an Assisted Purchase? We help clients who are unfamiliar with purchasing products/items outside of their country. Tell us what product you want and we will take care of the rest!


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You will find products you want to purchase from an online store and save the links of those products.

Fill Out Form

Fill out Buy-For-Me Form from our website with links of the products that you wish to purchase and submit.

OR Send Email

You could simply email a description of what you are looking for and we’ll find the best product(s) at the best prices.
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A service charge of $25.00EC must be made to source the required product(s). It’s a one-time fee no matter how many products are requested.

Purchase Price

Once we have received your request, we will get back to you with the final purchase price of the product(s).

Bill & Get Paid

If you decide to go forward with the purchase, we’ll send an invoice excluding duty and handling fees and a link to pay.
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Order & Arrival

After we receive the payment from you, we’ll place the order. When the order has arrived, we’ll call you to let them know the package has arrived and inform you of the balance owed.

Pick Up/Deliver

You’ll decide if you would pick up your package at our office or have your package delivered to you at an additional cost. Of course, duty and handling fees MUST be paid before any delivery.

Warehouse Fee

We will store your package free for ONLY 3 business days. If the package has not been delivered on or before, an additional fee of $5.00EC per day will be charged as warehouse/storage fee.


Local Delivery

We offer one of the best delivery solutions for local clients. You can get your package right outside your door.

Competitive Pricing

We offer the best competitive prices for our assistant services to save you time and money in online purchasing.

Shop Safely

Clients shop with us knowing that their information and packages are well secured and protected.

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Assisted Purchase FAQs

Here are the answers to your questions. Hope these will help clarify things!

What Items Can Be Purchased?

Any item can be purchased from cell phones, clothing all the way to vehicles. You can purchase anything through the Assisted Purchase Service, provided that the items are coming from an online store we trust.

The only items that are restricted will be the items restricted due to international shipping regulations or a country’s local customs laws.

How Long Does It Take?

Assisted Purchase completion times vary due to several factors. If this is your first Assisted Purchase with CATS Ltd, you will need to verify your ID and method of payment before we can process your request. The ID and payment verification process can take up to 2 business days to complete, so plan ahead.

Assisted Purchase requests around busy shopping times such as Black Friday and Cyber Monday may take longer due to higher demand. Additionally, not all merchants send items the same day it is purchased nor by express shipping. Planning ahead provides the greatest chance that your item will arrive in time for a special event or holiday.

What is the Verification Process?

The client will have to provide a photo ID and a payment verification to decrease all risks.

You don’t like fraud and neither do we. Hence, first-time clients are required to provide their ID and payment verification method 2-business days before we can get started with purchases. The verification process is simple:

  • Provide 2 types of requested ID’s and documents;
    — Passport, Social Security Card, Drivers License —
  • Verify your method of payment;
    — Cash, Credit Card, Cheque —

Once you’ve followed these steps our team will perform a few checks to confirm that you are. . . well,… you! The verification progress can usually be done within 2 business days, but usually take up to 5 business days during busier times of the year.

Once you have been verified, you don’t need to go through the ID verification process again. However, clients are advised to plan ahead to purchase items for a sale or holiday.

ID must match your credit card and/or cheque to prove your ownership of these payment methods. If your cheque has your business name, we will require additional documentation such as a business certificate.


CATS Ltd Assisted Purchase fee is 10% of the items’ total value for US-based clients and 25% for others. The fee has a minimum of $10. With this fee structure, costly items such as technology and clothing items are the most popular items purchased.

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