Trying to find a way to type up a document can be difficult, and when you have no time and are facing a deadline you may seriously not know what to do. At CATS Ltd, we have the experts to assist you. We make sure that you get a typed document you will be happy with.
Printing demands speed and precision, but more importantly, they require complete confidentiality on the part of our employees. No amount of speed and accuracy can make up for a breach of confidence. Hence, we never compromise our commitment to you.
Whatever the need -- large or small -- we can handle all your copying demands. We create clean, crisp copies providing you with an easy way to read documents facilitating successful communication and leaving a favorable impression.
Whether you are looking to preserve older documents and bring them into the digital era or need professional scanning services for photos, we can do it all! We’ll make sure your documents are handled with care and give you a high level of quality and service you deserve.
Don’t have a flash drive or any other external drive, but need an electronic copy of your document? After we have typed or scanned your document, we can gladly send them to any email address that you have requested. Nothing’s better than killing two birds with one stone.
We know that several businesses rely on faxes to send and receive reliable signatures, official documents, and more. But if you don't have a fax machine and find yourself asking, ``Where can I send fax near me?`` look no further than CATS Ltd for all of your faxing needs.

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Who hasn't been wowed by the pop of spot gloss varnish or sleek coil binding? We understand and appreciate the details that transform a piece from ordinary into extraordinary. We offer an array of finishing and binding options, so you can make a polished and professional impression.
CATS Ltd is well-equipped to serve you with cost-effective lamination services that will secure your printed products for long-term use. Our team will make sure your materials are laminated with the highest level of quality that you can rely on to ensure your documents are well protected.
70% of people who regard themselves as ‘entrepreneurs’, do not own a registered business. How can anyone say they own a business when it doesn’t really and legally exist? That’s where we come in. Let us assist you in the Online Registration process of your business.
We shop for you. If you have trouble ordering online, or just simply aren't tech-savvy, we can shop on your behalf. We are able to purchase any product from various online retailers that we trust. You’ll simply tell us what you need, pay and we’ll purchase that item for you.
Students are burdened with a huge amount of stress all the time. They have to give long hours dealing with multiple homework, assignments, extra-curricular activities, and whatnot. At CATS, we are here to ease the load off students at very reasonable costs.
Our form filling service is provided in a hassle-free manner. Our team flawlessly renders this service, working closely with clients who are unable to read and/or write or clients who simply prefer professionals like ourselves to take care of it on their behalf.

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