About Computer And Trading Solutions (CATS) Ltd

We are a group of business professionals who specialize in the fields of Administrative Support, Travel, and Design. Our greatest strength lies in our years of experience and the discipline and professionalism of our employees.

CATS has achieved a level of recognition in the entire business industry within its region. We pride ourselves in maintaining our outstanding reputation for being prompt, reliable, professional, and confidential.

By acknowledging the desirable goals of our clients, we focus on strict quality control procedures, intended to ensure that all services provided have adhered to a defined set criterion or have met the requirements of that particular client.

Being in existence for over 10 years has rendered us the opportunity to build a team of educated and highly experienced employees offering cost-effective services, to busy and successful entrepreneurs, business owners, executives, and other individuals. We manage all of their tasks, in an attempt to ease their burden and allow them to focus on their core business.

Whether it may be Administrative, Travel, Design, or Virtual Assistant services, we at CATS, will work to fulfill the needs of our clients, providing the highest standard of support to help them succeed while simultaneously maintaining our exceptional reputation.

And of course, without the slightest bit of hesitation, we will do the same for you!

Administrative Support - 10+ years
Designs & Productions - 10+ years
Travel Services - 7+ years
Virtual Assistance - 1+ year
Years of Experience
Customer Satisfaction
Successful Projects Over the Years


10+ Years Experience

Over the years, we have solidified our procedures in the execution of our services to clients like you. We have implemented techniques that allow us to have an edge over our competitors.

High-Skilled Team

No doubt, we are one of the best at what we do. All our employees have undergone training initiated by one of our very own, which is required to perform our services effectively and precisely.

Commitment to Excellence

At CATS Ltd, we guarantee that your work will be done 100% accurately and within the timeframe requested – one of our rock-solid promises to you.


At CATS Ltd, we implement strict confidentiality, professionalism, honesty, and diligence in our relationship with every client.

Increased Bandwidth

With efficiency and an unmatched work ethic, we fulfill your daunting tasks giving you back the time you need to focus on developing your business and providing a service to your clients.

Imagine the Possibilities

Simply put; anything is possible with CATS Ltd. We strive to offer as much support to ensure that you receive everything you need when working with us.